Kapanga Shoulder Bag - Medium

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Code (2501) - Kapanga Shoulder Bag

Fascinating rubber tappers-Kapangas of pure natural latex and sawdust!

These shoulder bags are unique, made ​​entirely by hand, each piece is unique. What makes the Kapangas is the fact that these bags heights in a seamless, without a single needle stick will be made​​. The pockets formed by up to 60 diving operations. For this purpose a wooden beam in the desired pocket size is repeatedly dipped in latex milk and several times sprinkled with sawdust. After each dipping operation to dry the latex layer is now created. Only then can the next dive. This results in up to 60 layers of latex with inlaid sawdust, which gives the bag more stability.

The bags are sturdy, waterproof, real eye catcher. They are available in three sizes: large (24x20x6cm), medium (16x16x3, 5cm), small (eg for mobile phones, 12x10x3cm).

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